About us

Interior Dude is a project that first started in 2022, although my journey in this industry dates back several decades. I was disappointed with the options out there for finding the best interior design goods and services – so I took it upon myself to research as much as possible and conduct reviews so that others wouldn't be in the same place I was. Professionally, I focused on working with high-net-worth individuals for their primary homes, penthouse suites in hotels, VIP lounges at casinos, and so on. Drawing on this, I've created the perfect place for interior designers – and those who want to go it alone – to source the best of the best.

The vision

Interior Dude's vision is a simple one: offer a one-stop shop for furniture, fixtures and fittings that are top of the range. I'm not giving you low-level furnishings here: it's top of the line options for people who enjoy the finer things in life. Additionally, Interior Dude is all about neutrality and honesty – if you see something here, it's because I can personally vouch for it. Luxury isn't just a high price tag either: I stand by everything that's displayed at Interior Dude, either because I've had personal interactions with each supplier or have colleges who have. I've built my reputation by cutting no corners and sparing no expense: when clients demand perfection, it's my job to give it to them!

Getting featured

You'd be amazed at how many interior design companies, furniture suppliers and other craftsmen reach out to do business with me. Right now, I'm not offering paid collaborations or anything similar – if you want to be featured on Interior Dude, create a fantastic product first and then we'll talk! Every single service and producer here is listed for one reason and one reason alone: they're stellar at what they do. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about business.

Contact Interior Dude

Email is the best way to get in touch. Please note that replies can be up to 72 hours [email protected]